02 June 2016

AbundantArtShow Day 2, share WIP and promote two other artists

I shared my work in progress of my climbing red roses for #the abundant art show. We were to share 2 to 3 pics of a current work in progress on 1 social media outlet and promote two artists in the challenge. I shared my WIP on Facebook but couldn't resist posting it here as well. I shall share the finished painting with you tomorrow. HINT it is already posted on Etsy so if you just can't wait have a look and tell me what you think. The two artists I promoted were Kristen O'Neill and Anita Nowinska.

I have been using Canva to create my collages. I find it takes a long time and is not really suitable for me and it is also not compatible with my tablet. I'm looking for new app that is quick for collages, picmonkey also has trouble with my android tablet - so if you know of one that works on both a pc and an android tablet let me know.

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