04 March 2012

Garden 101 series No.2 - Lemons Oil Painting, It takes three to tango

It takes three to tango - Lemon painting
by Marion Hedger
Garden 101 daily paintings series No.2
22 x 27cm, oil on canvas board.
For Sale 40€ 

Number two in the series of lemons picked fresh from the tree. My lemon tree is very prolific and produces these lovely lemons all year round. I like the light effect in this one. Painted alla prima in front of a sunny window. Those shadows moved so fast.

"I have challenged myself to paint 101 small daily life paintings inspired by my garden. My main aim is to improve my my eye to brush skills with a loose lively style. At the moment I plan to use oils, so that as a bonus I will improve my oil handling skills. I don't doubt that some will be done in different media depending on how the mood takes me. I aim to do at least 5 a week."