19 November 2013

Ikebana paintings of Chrysanthemums Collage

Collage of Ikebana series
Oil palette knife paintings
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Here are three of the paintings in my Ikebana quartet. Pop over to my floral art blog to see the original posts.

I have reworked No.2 and will post that when the weather allows, we are have constant rain at the moment and more storms are forecast - but shouldn't moan as this does not happen very often.

I have also painted two rose still lifes in the same style and will post them later.

Back to landscapes
I enjoyed this break painting florals, but today I am back at the landscapes. I have someone interested in a larger painting of the lavender fields. Scarlet Poppies was my only large painting of Provence, and although I bought the canvasses about 6 months ago, I have not got around to using them.