12 November 2013

Mini Landscape Tips Part 1

Untitled, stage 1
15x20x1cm (6x8inch) oil on box canvas
Palette knife painting
There are so many things to think about when starting a painting, not least of which is which size to paint it. Each size presents its own problems in terms of composition and how much detail to put in.

Yesterday's Painting Landscape Tips
I started this painting yesterday and it seemed perfect to use it as a mini demonstration for some landscape tips. Although this is only a small painting the thought process is the same as in larger paintings. For this blog post I will concentrate on my four main pointers:

  • No two corners should be alike.
    A. - I have made a mental note to ensure that the two sky corners differ. In this case I will add some leaves to the tree.
  • Avoid items lining up in straight lines:
    Here I have several 'lines' going on
    B1 - The tops of the hills are straight, I need to make them into a more pleasing shape
    B2 - The bottom of fence posts are almost lining up straight, I shall have to disguise the bottom of a couple of them
    B3 - some of the vegetation is lining up, I shall have to form less rigid 'clumps'
  • Ensure verticals are interesting shapes and not completely straight.
    C - I shall see if I can make this tree trunk more interesting
  • Ensure items of a group are different sizes
    The fence posts are all similar in width, I need to make each one different.
Of course, there are many more things to think about, but that would be too much for one blog post. Let me know if you find this interesting and stay tuned to find out how the painting turned out tomorrow.