13 November 2013

Isolated in Provence - Mini Landscape tips part 2

Isolated in Provence
Oil, palette knife painting
15x20cm (6x8inch) box canvas

65€ International shipping included
This is the finished painting from yesterday. Let's see if I covered all the points discussed:
  • All four corners should be different.
    - The leaves solve the problem of the sky corners
  • Things should not line up
    - I changed the shape of the mountain and added another layer to increase the sense of distance
    - The bottom of the fence posts do not line up
    - The foliage is no longer in straight lines
  • Verticals should be an interesting shape
    - The tree has a few indentations and perhaps could be more 'gnarled', but I think the light on the trunk compensates for this. As this is a small painting, this should be sufficient.
  • Ensure items of a group are different sizes
    - The fence posts are all different sizes and the cross braces are on longer in a straight line. Now I have uploaded the photo, I see the cross braces are parallel, but I think I shall leave this.
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