05 January 2015

Gentle Stream - Water and Rocks Day 5, 30 paintings in 30 days

Gentle Stream Palette knife painting
18x24 cm Oil on canvas panel

This is a slightly larger than the previous ones, (approx 7x10"). It didn't take me long to revert to type!

This is a stream/river (when does a stream become a river?) near home and it looks very peaceful here. In summer, its a great place to cool off and for the kids to play. After a storm, or when the snows melt off the mountains, it becomes a raging torrent and access is often prohibited.

I blocked in the masses and was conscious of trying to maintain the values. I treated the rocks as solid masses and not individual stones. I am still always tempted to delineate to much and if only you could hear the voices in my head arguing, you'd have a good laugh. Once again, it is over-saturated when I upload it onto blogger. So IRL it is not quie as bright, especially the foreground rocks. I see a few areas that need some extra touches but on the whole, not too unhappy with this one.

Some close-ups