03 January 2015

River Stones - Water and Rocks Day 3, 30 paintings in 30 days

 River Stones palette knife painting
Day 3, Jan 30 in 30 challenge
Oil on box canvas
15x15x2cm (6"x6")

This is a river at Castellane a small town on the way to the Verdon Gorges. The river is fast flowing and icy cold, with bluey-green water.

The colours are over-saturated. Oh the joys of photography! Although I have manipulated the colours in Photoshop, the uploaded photo is another story. One thing that springs out is my lack of variation in the colours between the foreground and distance. These challenges are good for picking up on areas for improvement, and even though it is a small painting, the changes in tone still need to be there.

Some close-ups