08 January 2015

Rock Studies - Water and Rocks Day 8, 30 paintings in 30 days

Rock Study 1

These are two studies in oil on canvas sheet. The canvas sheet are available in blocks of different sizes and are great for studies. They are inexpensive and if something turns out good enough to call a finished piece they can then be mounted onto MDF board or framed using a mount. I am starting to feel more comfortable with massing the rocks.

The top painting is typical of the rock formations in the countryside around home, but perhaps a bit too dark.

The bottom painting is taken for a landscape photo on the internet of an outcrop by the sea. The coastline around Antibes is very rocky but they are very jagged. 

On a recent landscape webinar that I take, it was suggested that these do not make good paintings as the viewer's eyes gets tired of looking at these, and although they may be jagged they should be squared off. What are your opinions on this? Should they be true to life or squared off? Maybe the solution is to square them off, with only one or two 'peaks' included. Comment below with your thoughts.
Thank you to everyone that commented yesterday on my WIP.  I did a bit more work on it but wasn't happy on how it was going. I spent quite a bit of time on it without much progress. I will go into the studio this afternoon and use some oil on top of the acrylic