07 October 2013

Autumn Mist rework of Zorn Palette painting WIP

This is as far as I went with the last painting using the Zorn Palette.
In this last session we added highlight colours to use such as cadmium orange, viridian and cobalt blue.
This just wasn't working for me so, after leaving it for a while, I had another look and decided to tackle it again. I redid the sky and obliterated the pine tree on the left hand side and loosely mapped in some trees.
This is where I am with it at the moment. Sorry I can't get the colours quite right even after fiddling in photo shop, it's not quite as bright as this but it gives you an idea.

You can see that the right had trees have gone - the painting took over LOL as it sometimes does.
I will post an update in the next couple of days.