03 October 2013

Preparation for another autumn painting

Yesterday's painting Autumn Morning was painted onto a canvas sheet from a block I purchased along with my last art order. I thought I was ordering canvas paper for practice, but this lovely canvas pad of 10 24x30cm sheets from Belle Arti in Italy arrived. I was a bit hesitant about using it at first and used it for my Sunset over the Vineyard painting on Day 28 of the 30 day challenge.

I liked working on it, so I gave it another try yesterday for Autumn Morning. It has a medium weave and is universal primed. I did not add a gesso layer to it like I normally do with all of my supports, to see what the difference would be. The first layer of paint soaked in somewhat, but I find this with every surface, I used paint thinned with liquin for the first layers which I scumbled in. This was quite  a good way to start and suited this canvas beautifully and I was also able to add more layers on top. The final layer with a palette knife also worked well.

I am going to use it again today for another autumn painting - maybe seeing if I can use thicker paint with a palette knife.

Octobers landscape challenge on wetcanvas had this photo
Quite green and with a spring feeling. I imported it into Photoshop Elements, changed the saturation and removed the foreground tree. I now have this as the basis for my next painting
So stay tuned for tomorrows post to see how I tackled it - I already have a pink layer to give a warm background and help with recession.