31 October 2013

Autumn Silver Birches. oil on canvas panel palette knife painting

Autumn Silver Birches
Oil on canvas MDF canvas panel
Palette knife painting
18x24 cm (approx 7"x10")
SOLI have slightly altered this autumn painting as the right hand tree was bothering me and never looked quite 'right'. I also added more oranges and reds to the central area and using heavy impasto with more colour on the silver birches to reflect those autumn colours.
For the bark, I used underpainting white for mixing the colours on the trees. This white is very thick and dries quickly and gives a lovely impasto effect.

Collage of some close-ups and previous painting
 Here is a collage showing some closeups of the knife work and the older painting for comparison.
Companion painting
 Autumn Explosion a painting in the same series can be viewed HERE