09 December 2013

Champs de Lavande et Tournesols Provence Landscape palette knife painting

Champs de Lavande et Tournesols -
Fields of Lavender and sunflowers
Provence landscape palette knife painting
Oil on box canvas
15 x 20 (6x8") x 1.5cm
Available in my Etsy store

Take time out to Play
At the beginning of the week I was running out of ideas of what to paint and I was questioning my use of oils. I wanted to do something less representational than my normal work and had a hankering to create abstracts. 

I spent two days playing around with mono-prints as well as ink and gouache resist. I had never done either and I didn't quite know the techniques, so I read up on them and off I went!
I didn't produce anything worthy, but I had a really good time. Since then I have been re-energised. I have finished several small paintings, have plenty of good ideas milling around and I have finished my larger painting I posted last week (keep tuned tomorrow to see it).

Play is good for you.