27 September 2013

King of the Roost, Day 27 30 days hath September, 4x6 inch

 King of the Roost
Oil, palette knife painting
10x15cm (4x6 inch) on MDF panel

My first ever rooster/chicken.

I should have paid more attention to the background and I might redo the background for this. I was naughty and didn't pre-plan the background so I floundered a bit for which colours to use.

This has given me an idea of a rooster series for my kitchen in a larger size. I'm not particularly fond of chickens but I did enjoy painting this for some reason.

The challenges certainly has me trying a few different things. I have a couple of abstracts in the making which I am allowing to dry up a bit before putting on the final layers as I want a broken paint effect. So maybe tomorrow I will have an abstract for you.