26 September 2013

Abandon, Autumn Abstract - Day 26, 30 days hath September, oil, 9x12 inch

Abandon, Autumn Abstract
23x30x1.5cm (approx 9"x12"x0.6")
Oil on box canvas, palette knife painting
 110€ International shipping included

I've just notice the three As in the title - a little unintended alliteration LOL

I felt like doing something a little different today and something where I could just use my paints with abandon. Working with the oranges, red and yellow really makes me feel happy. The inspiration for this one my previous painting
Autumn Explosion
I started with a puple ground then some red dabs of paint, next I alternated with different orange hues and reds and lastly luscious cadmium yellow. After all the paint was more or less in place I used a palette knife to place the trees in position by laying the palette knife flat on the canvas and pulling it up through the paint.
Placing the trunks
The very last thing was to lay in the trunks with titanium white which I did with a sideways motion. The white paint picked up some of the colour already on the painting giving the illusion of bark. I tried hard to give the trunks different widths but maybe I should have made them much more different?
Knife work close-ups
Here are some close ups showing the different layers