09 September 2013

Scarlet Poppies, Provence landscape - Day 9, 30 days hath September challenge

Scarlet Poppies Provence Landscape
54x46x1.8cm oil on box canvas
440€ Click HERE to purchase
Plus shipping (approx 22"x18")
Palette knife painting
Day 9, 30 days hath September challenge
Day 9 painting
For day 9 of the challenge I am cheating a little. This is a larger landscape painting which I started a couple of weeks ago and finished on Friday - so strictly speaking I did paint some of it in September LOL.
Larger Format
This is much larger than my small landscapes and I really enjoyed painting this one. I'm fond of the small ones but this allowed me to get stuck into a painting as it has been a while since I did a larger one (apart from my Zorn palette study of course).
Small Poppy Painting
Here is one of my smaller poppy landscapes for comparison
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