29 September 2013

Provence colours abstract - Day 29, 30 days hath September challenge

Provence colours abstract
22x27 cm ( approx 9x11inch)
Oil, palette knife painting on canvas card panel
Day 29, 30 days hath September challenge
click on the image for a larger view

I hope you have your sunglasses on for day 29. This is the abstract I was working on two days ago and finished today by putting on more layers. I am still trying to decide if it works. I think I like it.

Abstracts are easier to paint in acrylics because of the drying time. Oils take so long to dry or 'tack up' before the next layer so the idea of scumbling effects would only work after waiting several days, even if using liquin as a drying medium. With acrylics you can scumble and change things more easily, which also means that changing direction is easier and quicker which is what's needed with abstract. There are exceptions of course, as usual, it depends on the desired outcome.
Here are some close-ups