15 September 2013

Autumn Blaze oil painting, Day 15, 30 days hath September challenge

Autumn Blaze oil painting
18x24cm (approx 7"x10")
oil on canvas panel
palette knife painting
Day 15, 30 days hath September challenge

I have painted this scene before, see here and, as I like the vibrant colours, I thought it would it would be good to paint it again. I changed it a little to fit onto the smaller rectangular format as the original was a 30x30cm square format.
Tree colours as the focus
I made the focus of this one the trees and not the water/reflections.
I love all those oranges and yellows. I built the leaves up in layers using pinks, mauves and dulled orange as the first few layers to suggest depth and distance. I then used thicker and brighter oranges and yellows to suggest the closer leaves and sunshine on them.
Close up pics
Here are some close-ups of the knife work