28 September 2013

Sunset over the vineyard, Provence landscape oil painting WIP - Day 28, 30 days hath September

Sunset over the vineyard WIP
24x30cm, oil on canvas panel
palette knife painting
Day 28, 30 days hath September challenge.

We're back to the vineyards for day 27 but this time at sunset. This is a work in progress. I still need to tone down the colours of the path and include some of the sky colours. I haven't painted many sunsets and trying to balance the colours with the lights and darks is quite a challenge, so I would be grateful for any tips.

This is the same vineyard shown in my autumn vineyard paintings, click here to see - but a different view point by turning 90 deg to the right.

Only 3 days left of the challenge. I'm quite proud with myself as I've kept pace with the challenge and posted every day.