12 January 2014

Colourful Birches, Day 12 of the 30 day challenge and an offer

Colourful Birches
Gouache painting on canvas board
17.5x12.5cm (7"x5")
for the duration of the challenge
This painting is available for 35€ 
(it will revert back to the normal price of 55€ in Feb)
This painting has quite a story.

It used to be a gouache painting of birches (I know - it is still a gouache painting of birches!) but it just wasn't working. I hosed it down under the tap to remove the painting. As I was washing the old painting off, I paused and saw the wash of colours that was developing on the canvas. I loved the delicate meld of colours coming out. I decided to keep this wash and paint the trees over it using the same colours that had appeared in the wash.

For the trees, I used undiluted gouache laid on with a flat brush, mostly in a sideways stroke. The background is the untouched remaining wash. I am quite pleased with the painting.

One of the benefits of gouache that is watersolouble and can be completely removed with water. If I had constinued washing the paint off I would have eventually got back to the original ground, although there might have been a few patches from the staining colours.