15 January 2014

L'ail rose - pink garlic still life palette knife painting, Day 15, 30 day challenge

L'ail rose - pink garlic still life
Palette knife painting
This is painting No.15 in the 30 day challenge
Oil on box canvas
15x20x1.5cm (6"x8") 
For auction on Daily Paintworks

This was painted in response to the Daily Paintworks challenge a couple of weeks ago which was a "Root and Bulb challenge". OK, its a week or two late for the challenge but I have been meaning to paint this since then!

This type of garlic is a speciality of the region, this excert is from "Chocolate and Zuchinni" blog -
"Pink garlic?", you ask, your right eyebrow arched in curiosity. Well yes, it is a unique variety of garlic, grown exclusively in and around the medieval town of Lautrec, in the South of France. It is protected by an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication, a European certification of origin), benefits from a Label Rouge quality certification and, most importantly, it has been awarded the honorific title of Prince des Condiments.

Here are a couple of close-ups