07 January 2014

ACEO landscape Provence Poppy fields 1 painting Day 8, 30 paintings challenge

 Miniature art trading card
ACEO 12 - Landscape Poppy Fields 1
2.5 by 3.5 inch 
gouache on watercolour paper
Available for purchase (int. shipping icl.)
A small painting of the Provence poppy fields in gouache. A sister painting to yesterday's painting

Using Gouache
Gouache is a water-based paint (sometimes called body colour) and is an under-rated medium. It can be used as is for an opaque paint or diluted with water to give a watercolour effect. I normally use it undiluted and lay one stroke on top of another, trying not to disturb the stroke underneath. It has a matte finish which I like. 

Through the woods, one of my first gouache paintings, shows a different effect for gouache.

What are ACEOs? ACEOs are small works of art measuring 2.5x3.5inch. They are an excellent and affordable way to start an art collection.