29 January 2014

Kaleidoscope - Colourful tulip still life abstract oil painting

Kaleidoscope - Colourful tulip still life abstract
Palette knife painting
40x40 (16x16") cm on box canvas
Painted on a black gesso ground
The sides have been painted black.
Can be hung without a frame.
Available for purchase 250€ int. shipping included
About this painting
This painted was started a while ago with some left-over paint and I left it quite unfinished. It resurfaced yesterday and I decided to have another stab at it. I wanted an abstract feel, so I lost some of the original tulips (there were a lot of them) and made the remaining ones larger. But, they still looked a little too realistic and I felt myself tightening up.

Knowing that I would finish up with realism if I kept on, I decided to do something drastic.!. I got out a large palette knife and scraped over the whole surface to lose the definition. I was starting to like it better. I continued applying paint and scraping back in some places. I am now calling it done.
It certainly is colourful - an antidote to today's grey and rainy day.

I shall take a better photo tomorrow when the rain stops and I can go outside to take one without the glare.