04 January 2014

Day 4, 30 paintings in 30 days January 2014 challenge

Morning Light Silver Birches
palette knife painting
oil on canvas panel
18x24cm (approx 7"x10")
Available to purchase US$120 international shipping incl.

I actually got down to painting something new for the fourth day of the challenge.
Theme for the challenge
I have been trying to think of a suitable theme for the challenge. I came up with several ideas but couldn't narrow it down to something I would want to do for 30 days. The one thing I was adamant about, was I wanted to paint smaller than my norm (24x18cm) so that I could paint more quickly and leave time for continuing on a larger painting.

I ordered some super heavy liquitex gesso and had my 6x8" box canvases all stacked up waiting. The gesso arrived today and I found out that it takes a minimum of 24hours to dry! So I have fallen down at the first hurdle and painted this on my usual 18x24cm canvas panel.

So for the theme for my challenge is THERE IS NO THEME! I will just continue to practice and work on my techniques with ideas as they pop into my head, having fun along the way.

Today's Painting
This is a photo I took while out for a walk one morning in an area called Sherwood Pines. The sun was shining and although it was cold, it was a nice morning for a walk. You might ask -

"Where are the pines?"
Sherwood Pines is an old pine plantation right in the middle of Sherwood forest (yes THE Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame) where they grew pines for pit props. As the mining industry no longer exists, they are gradually replacing the pines with indigenous trees. The area has been converted for  leisure use with bike and walking trails and an adventure playground for the kids. A great use of the area.

Sherwood Pines revisited
You might remember my previous painting from the September challenge of another walk in the same area, see here

Some close-ups of the knife work
Much of the pink ground is left showing to add 'sparkle'
Some of the initial brush stroke block-in is left untouched
The foreground is left deliberately loose and suggestive