30 January 2014

Waiting for Spring - winter snow scene, palette knife painting

Waiting for Spring - winter snow scene
palette knife painting
24x35cm (approx 10x14inch)
on box canvas
Day 30 of the 30 day challenge

Well the last day of the challenge is here, and it is time to take a breather and stock of all the paintings. I like some much better than others and will work on a few some more after I have studied them. Sometimes it takes a while to be able to assess a painting more critically than when it has just been painted.

About this painting
This was painted from a photograph on Paint my Photo, in response to this week's challenge on Daily Paintworks. I painted it over three days as the trees refused to form into a painterly order. The lef-hand-most tree was painted and wiped several times. It started out as a very thick tree, but just did not look right. It's much better now I have given it some breathing space.

Limited palette
I used a limited palette of alazarin crimson, ultramarine blue, cadmium orange and a touch of cadmium yellow. Maybe I should have toned down the alazarin to make it less red? Let me know what you think?

Some close-ups