16 January 2014

Interior Light, after Henri le Sidaner palette knife painting - day 16 of the 30 day challenge

Interior Light, after Henri le Sidaner
Pallete knife painting
Oil on archival canvas panel
18x24cm (approx 7x10")
Day 16 of the monthly challenge

Available for auction on Daily Paintworks

I combined two challenges with this painting. The 30 day challenge and this weeks 'Interiors' challenge on Daily Paintworks. I searched the internet for suitable ideas and came across Henri le Sidaner, a French impressionist I had not heard of before. His sense of light is wonderful and he paints many interior scene. This painting is based on  "Intérieur, Lumière de la Fenêtre," (interior, light from the window) a painting that was 'lost' and then found again in 2013, see here

This painting was more difficult to paint than I thought it would be and it took a long time. I learned a lot about trying to get the light and shade just right, although I think I could still have lightened the lights and half shadows some more. I also found I was fiddling too much for the size of the painting - trying to put in too much detail - after all my painting was an 'impression of the impressionist' style.
I have another one of his paintings lined up to copy. I shall see if I can control my tones more in the next one.

I'd appreciate any comments and observations you have about this one.

Some close-ups