03 January 2014

Day 3, 30 paintings in 30 days January 2014 challenge

Day 3 of January 30 paintings challenge
Monastery Gardens at Cimiez
Palette knife painting
Oil on canvas board
24x30 cm (approx 10" x 12")
Available for purchase US$210, international shipping included
Another 'one I made earlier'. I am determined to start painting again this afternoon. I haven't picked up a palette knife or paint brush since well before Christmas and I am itchy to go.

This is a view of the gardens at Cimiez monastery in Nice. If you look over the wall at the end, there is a sweeping view of Nice (albeit including the railway sidings). Cimiez is the place the Russian Tsar had a palace, the site of a Roman amphitheater, Matisse's house and an ancient olive grove. All in all an interesting place.
Some close-ups

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