27 January 2017

AFTER THE STORM acrylic abstract, Day 27 of the 30 day challenge

AFTER THE STORM Work in Progress
acrylic abstract painting
50x60cm (20x24in) on gallery wrapped canvas

Day 27 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 21's painting

I needed to use paint today - I was getting withdrawal symptons.

I liked the effect of day 10's painting, During the Storm, and wanted to see if I could scale it up.

I gessoed the canvas with heavy body gesso to get some texture and to ecourage the paint to pool in the texture. This is how it look after the initial wash - Sorry a very glary photo:

Next I mixed black with heavy gel medium and added that in what I hoped was and interesting shape. Then I started working on the colour. This was my initial pass, but I felt it was much too bright.

I continued working on toning it down and trying to 'meld' the colours together and also adding a few darks. Day 10's painting was on mountboard and came out much more moody, probably because the colours ran together more. On the canvas the paint did not flow as easily

Todays task is to bring it to a finished state.