13 January 2017

Pathways, Day 13 - 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

40x50cm (12"x16") acrylic on mountboard

Day 12 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 12's painting
Sticking with the texture and curves today, although I did start out with the intention of having verticals and no curves, and I'm back to my reds and oranges. It must be the cold snap we're having that I need to feel warm. Once again the painting evolved as I went along.

I scraped my palette clean and some large flakes of acrylic came away. I had the urge to stick one on the painting. Some teal paint on the palette from my previous painting popped through the flake and suggested the teal colour. And, as they say the rest is history. Can you spot the skins? There are actually two of them.