24 January 2017

Colour Field Studies 2 - Blue, day 24 of the 30 day challeng

I ran out of steam a bit today. As they say life took over and my enthusiam dipped to a real low! I use a lot of blues in my paintings and wanted to explore different elements around that. This is all I achieved today. I have decided to move on and leave my colour studies until I have time to plan them properly. It is a fascinating subject in its own right and needs time and thought as well as the thinking time to absorb the effects.

With only a limited number of acrylics and mainly transparent ones, when I return to studying them, I will use oils which I can handle much better. Mind you, it would be a good excuse to do more art shopping for better acrylics. I think I need a range from open acrylics to heavy body.

One way to do these colour studies is to paint severL one colour sheets of paper and use those cut up and placeS on one another to see the effect before diving into the paint. Or, perhaps they could then be collaged together as references going forward.

I played around a bit with yesterdays two paintings:

Amazing what using a black or white border can do to youR perception of size as well as colour. The two right hand halves also show how lost edges can be created by colour with a similar tone. Just shows how when you DO IT, there is always something to learn.