22 January 2017

Times Past Abstract Painting, Day 22 30 day painting challenge

Acrylic abstract
50x60cm on panel
Day 22 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 21's painting
The title was suggested by my husband. I didn't think he would see anything in this painting, but it's amazing how much he can see in some paintings despite his colour blindness. In fact he very often sees things I don't notice, perhaps because of his colour blindness, he sees the patterns more clearly.

I wanted a combination of texture and blending on this one. Having given up on the texture gel, I used heavy gesso in two areas and scored it with lines and circles. I had the idea of rocky shores maybe with blue above and blue below - sky? sea? I was quite pleased with the texture.

I used white, yellow ochre and alazarin crimson as in Day 20 and rollered that after spritzing the support with water. The alazarin crimson settled nicely into some of the grooves. After adding more white diagonally across, I added blue followed by quin. gold to enhance the grooves.

I then started to scumble various colour combinations over the whole area. Back and forwards for a longgggg time. I added orange into the mix to give more of a golden colour. I felt darks were needed so added some alazarin crimson mix with a tiny bit of black. Oh that was so dark and I lightened it a little. Not sure if that was the right decision. Scumbling takes a lot of time but there is something satisfying about watching the subtle changing of the colours but it's really hard to know when to stop!

I am quite pleased but some more scumbling is needed to meld the colours more and maybe I will lighten the blue. 

This is a concept I can take further for several paintings, but using plaster to create a thicker texture