19 January 2017

RIFT Abstract Painting, Day 19 of 30 day challenge

Acrylic abstract painting
30x40cm on MDF canvas panel

Day 19 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 18's painting
This painting started out similarly to yesterday's painting but using the cut offs from piece of water colour paper I used. I pasted these on the edges of a panel. I mixed some gel medium into so modelling paste in the hope it might make it more firm. I wanted the make round indentations into the paste, it worked to a certain extent - you can see some of the indentations in the following photo.
I painted the textured area a deep blue and dropped pure orange, yellow and red into the indentations. After creating some streaks on the paper and adjusting the blues in the central area I called it done.

This could go anywhichway. Which orientation doe you think looks best?