25 January 2017

INK STUDIES day 25 of 30 paintings challenge

My lack of motivation continued today. I played around with an idea I had but didn't take it far enough to post a painting. Last night I gave myself a strong talking to. I was looking through an exhibition catalogue of a Michel Gaudet (a French abstract painter) exhibition and that must have sparked something off.

While watching tv, I got out my watercolour pad, a Uniball micro pen and some water and started seeing what effects I could get.

This was the first

This was the second. Getting more complex

I loved the effect I could get just using the one pen. The ink dried very quickly and was waterproof once dry, but while it was wet it gave a lovely water colour effect.

On some of the lines I wet it and went back in with the pen to achieve some softer edge and spread the dissolve ink to give me the wash. The blots were created with cling film (food wrap) scrunched up and dipped in diluted chinese ink. The chinese ink is so strong, and very black and I would have liked the black areas to be less intense. A final splattering of ink finished it off.

Definitely an idea I can take forward.

Creativity is a funny thing - it is definitely enhanced by 'doing'.

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