20 January 2017

'SAMURAI' Acrylic Abstract, Day 20 of 30 day Challenge

50X60cm (20x24in) acrylic on panel
Day 20 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 19's painting

Going larger and being bolder in my approach.

Today I wanted to practice blending. The Golden Fluid acrylics dry so quickly that blending with them is out of the question unless lots of water is used which results in a thin film of paint. I managed to get hold of some Liquitex acrylics in our small town which I know have a longer 'wet' time (is that even a term?). Another new technique for me was using a roller.

I squirted some white, yellow ochre and alazarin crimson onto the board and rollered them to death for my base.

The start - as you can see I repurposed an old painting again

I wanted a dark area somewhere in the middle but did not want to use black, so I used cerulean blue and alazarin crimson. Unfortunately this resulted in a bit of a mess not my perfect bluey purple vision.

How did I hide this? by adding more colour of course! This was another painting that evolved as I went along - what a lot of fun but a nightmare at the same time.

A close -up

My husband - a confirmed "I don't like abstracts" person - paid me the ultimate complement on this one by asking me not to sell it as it 'spoke' to him.

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