30 January 2017

CLOSING IN Day 30 of the 30 day Challenge


Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Day 30 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
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The final painting for the 30 day challenge. It's been an interesting one for me and thanks for sharing my personal explorations into abstract art.
Yesterday was a miserable day and the light disappeared around about 4pm so I had to leave 'Towards the Light' to be finished another day. I had a lot of white paint left and I never like to waste anything. I grabbed a canvas I had repurposed with some gesso and started covering the canvas in broad strokes with the white dipped at random into the small piles of paint left on the palette..

This was the result:

The pastel colours appealed to me, so this morning I went with it.

Next steps enhancing the colours

The colours are getting a bit strong so I washed over them with white, diluted with lots of medium, to mute the colours slightly. I kept going like this (thought I had another photo I must have been so involved 'in the moment' I forgot to take one.

I went back and forth and the final stage was to add some thin lines and swirls. I wondered if I could achieve this with oil pastel. Oil pastel doesn't dry so I coated the painting with Liquin, left it a few moments and drew into that. The liquin will dry the oil pastel. 

Well that didn't work, so quick as a flash I rubbed all that off. I then used the oil pastel to add a few marks.

I think it needs to sit and meld for a while for me to see what, if anything, it needs.