08 January 2017

Untitled Work in Progress, Geometric Abstract Day 8 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

Untitled, Work in Progress
Geometric Abstract
30x30cm (12"x12") Acrylic on panel
Work in Progress

Day 7 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 7's painting 
This is the companion piece to yesterday's painting on gessoed mountboard. Unfinished and to be worked on later.

Acrylics was my sole medium for a few years but I haven't worked with them for about 8 years. This, of course, means that all my acrylics are dried up (you may well ask "Why do I still have them?")

For the collage abstracts, I purchased Carol Nelson's recommended acrylics, Golden Fluid Acrylics and they work perfectly for all the techniques she uses. They are highly pigmented, fluid as the name suggests and quite transparent. They also dry incredibly quickly even for acrylics. My preferred brand used to be Winsor and Newton Acrylics. They have a good body to them, good colour and average drying time. Being used to those, I thought that my new acrylics could do the same job. Big mistake!

I started by covering the support with a wash of acrylic.

I drew in my design with charcoal, wiping most of it off with a tissue so it wasn't too black, but even so the transparency of the acrylics does not cover the marks or even pick them up into the acrylic. This resulted in some mud and unwanted marks showing through. There is no body to the acrylic at all, so completely the wrong choice for this painting.

I am enjoying my foray back into acrylics, so maybe I shall purchase some less transparent ones, or perhaps just repaint this in oils. Oils work fine over acrylic so it will be a good ground to work over. - OK I'm an art materials addict. I don't shop for shoes, many clothes, make-up etc, but suggest a new technique or type of paint and I am off like a flash...

NOTE:  I asked my husband if he could think of a name. He suggested 'The Student'. When I looked at him puzzled, he said it looked like some one sitting at a desk with a big eye watching them! Anyone got any ideas for a name if I take this one forward?

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