09 January 2017

Interface Acrylic Abstract, Day 9 30 paintings in 30 days

30x30cm (12"x12") acrylic on panel

Day 9 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 8's painting

Today I decided to exploit the properties of the fluid acrylics. I laid in a wash of yellow red and blue. I spritzed it and tilted the canvas making sure the colours ran into each other but trying to keep some of the yellow bright.

When the painting had died I looked at how the paint had dried and went with the flow of the dried paint but first I had to decide how to create a focal area. I placed a line about a third of the way down (using the divide the canvas into thirds and put the focal area there).

I strengthened some of the colour and toned down other parts going back and forth all the time. I used red in the focal area as I needed a strong colour against the mainly primary colour scheme. My next step was to scumble colour over the variation sections mainly using white added into the main colour so it would tone down and unify the design.

Scumbling is a technique I used to use a lot for flower backgrounds when I painted my florals in acrylics. It's a technique that's immensely satisfying and can be done with gusto. It can result in some lovely gradations of colours and gives a feeling of depth. The fluid acrylics do not perform so well with this technique but the results were not bad.

I am quite satisfied with this painting but I will redo the red and blues in the focal area in oil paint ladled on with a palette knife to give some extra depth and texture.

Work in Progress photos

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